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What our E-Book customers are saying...
Had to write you.  After an entire year and 3 water changes...CLEAN, CLEAR, ODORLESS water.  I am guessing I have saved about 100 bucks in chemicals I didn't have to buy this past year! Let the suckers support the hot tub stores!
JK Prater, Portland, Maine
I cannot believe it! I felt silly for paying literally hundreds of dollars for shock and sanitizer these past few years!  The program is so easy and simple it is hard to believe it works.  After replacing my water I started using your program and for the past 2 1/2 months I have had clear, clean water, no stink and my skin is not getting dried out.  Not only that but once I got the pH stabilized, that was it.  Have not added anything else.
-Lisa Lee,  St.Paul, MN

You are right about the spa stores not wanting this to get out.  Why spend $30 or more for two months worth of sanitizer and then more for shock when you can spend about $1.50 a month?  Works like a charm!  How stupidly simple it is too! No need for shock and very little need for UP/DOWN treatments.  I love my spa again, THANKS!
-Pilar Medina,  Sacramento, CA

Got the it and was VERY skeptical.  Not anymore!  You have exposed the truth about all the toxic chemicals we have been lead to believe we need.  I have recommended your book to everyone I know with a spa (oh I told them to buy it themselves so you get the credit...for $6.99 it is a STEAL!)
-Vincent Rauk,  Orlando, FL

Damnedest think I ever saw!  So basic and simple it is hard to believe it works..but is does.  On my second change of water and five months and still cannot see a downside.  Thank you.
-Mark Bushman, Kansas City, MO

It works and I am amazed that something so easy to maintain works so well. Thank you.

-Ray Rockholt, San Antonio Texas

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